(CNN)A 16-year-old suspect faces an attempted murder charge after he allegedly shot another teenager near a northern California high school on Tuesday, Santa Rosa police said.

Police believe the suspect put the handgun in a backpack and gave it to someone who left the scene, Cregan said.

The suspect then returned to class, Cregan said. Police apprehended him shortly after the shooting.

    The victim is in stable condition, Cregan said.

    “This, we know, was a very unnerving and traumatic incident for our students, for the teachers, for our community,” Cregan told reporters.

    Police are searching for the handgun used in shooting and the person who left the scene with the firearm in the backpack. It is unclear whether that person knew the gun was inside, police said.

      Authorities initially said the shooting occurred at the school. Cregan said there was never an active shooter at the school.

      Santa Rosa is about 55 miles north of San Francisco.

      Source: http://edition.cnn.com/


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