Ex-defense secretary calls resurgence of Isis a given and withdrawal will have an impact on Kurds ability to fight Islamic State

The former defense secretary James Mattis has said Donald Trumps abrupt withdrawal of US troops from the Syria-Turkey border has led to disarray in the war-torn territory, increasing the chances of a resurgence of Islamic State militants.

But the retired general passed up an opportunity to directly criticise the president.

Trump announced the withdrawal this week, taking supporters by surprise and prompting widespread accusations of a betrayal of Kurds allied to the US whom Turkey swiftly attacked.

The president said it was time to end one of Americas endless wars a sentiment he repeated on Saturday and fulfil a campaign promise by bringing troops home. He also announced that the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoan, would visit the White House.

On Saturday, airstrikes and shelling continued in Kurdish areas and harrowing scenes among panicked refugees were reported and broadcast worldwide.

CNN reported that earlier this week Gen Mazloum Kobani Abdi, head of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, told a senior US diplomat: You have given up on us. You are leaving us to be slaughtered.

Also on Saturday, another SDF commander told a press conference: The protection of Isis prisons will not remain our priority. The defence of our soil will be prioritised if [the] Turkish military continues its attacks.

Mattis spoke to NBCs Meet the Press with Chuck Todd in an interview to be broadcast in full on Sunday.

Its in a situation of disarray right now, he said in excerpts released by the broadcaster. Obviously, the Kurds are adapting to the Turkish attacks. And well have to see if theyre able to maintain the fight against Isis. Its going to have an impact. The question is, how much?

Asked if the US would regret Trumps decision, Mattis said: We have got to keep the pressure on Isis so they dont recover.

We may want a war over. We may even declare it over. You can pull your troops out as President Obama learned the hard way out of Iraq, but the enemy gets the vote, we say in the military. And in this case, if we dont keep the pressure on, then Isis will resurge. Its absolutely a given that they will come back.

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Donald Trump says Kurds didnt help us with Normandy video

Trump said this week any Isis prisoners escaping from camps guarded by Kurds will be escaping to Europe.

He also said the Kurds didnt help us in the second world war, they didnt help us in Normandy, for example.

Mattiss apparent disinclination to directly criticise the presidents words and behaviour over Syria which many usually supportive Republicans in Congress have been perfectly happy to do is in keeping with his approach since resigning in December 2018.

The retired US Marine Corps general has said he has a duty of silence regarding the president he served. That commitment has held despite Mattis having resigned in response to an earlier attempt by Trump to pull US troops from Syria and in protest at his treatment of Americas allies.

In September, Mattis published a memoir, Call Sign Chaos. The book skirted his service in the Trump administration, focusing instead on his career in the US armed forces.

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/us


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